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Ice Storms

Why do Ice Storms Happen?

What are Ice Storms?
The Power of an Ice Storm and the Necessities for Surviving Them
Why do Ice Storms Happen?

Why do Ice Storms Happen?

        An ice storm happens when a warm air mass collides with a cold air mass. Many ice storms happen every year. They include cold temperatures, precipitation, and strong winds. The process of an ice storm is when some water vapor from the warm air condenses into clouds. Snowflakes fall from the clouds into the warm air and melts into raindrops. Th rain drops fall through a cold air layer near the ground and doesn't freeze thoroughly until it hits something colder that it. This can get up to 8 inches thick! Sleet is similar to frozen rain but it doesn't cause as severe damage. It can easily be shoveled off of sidewalks and streets.

To get mre info, look in the book, Natuaral Disasters: Ice Storms. The cover looks like the picture below.